Abbya Corporate Services enables each client to focus on developing their core business, while we take care of the overwhelming day-to-day operational burdens. We streamline business processes, improve operating performance, control costs as well as increase efficiency and productivity.

We do this through a wide range of services that include serviced offices and business centers, staffing, sponsorship, human resources, facility management, expediting on-call tasks, PRO services, transportation services, book keeping, general accounting services, airport assistance and other logistics.

This is business process outsourcing (BPO) at its best. BPO is the managerial concept of contracting of the operations and responsibilities of specific business processes to a third-party service provider - and we're the best in the Saudi Arabian markets.

We provide early-stage consultations, during which our professionals offer advice on the optimal choice of legal structures for your business; whether for established businesses or assisting in a business set up. This requires a detailed consultation as to the nature of the activity, since the choice is a complex and important one, and early-stage missteps can prove costly down the line.Our senior consultants can also advise you on how best to adapt the substance of your business model to the needs and realities of local laws, consumer preferences and labor markets. Every market has a different business identity, so what might work in some markets worldwide might not work locally and we can help you identify potential pitfalls to minimize entry risk through outsource relationships.

Our long experience with government relations and significant government bodies that include various municipalities and ministries (e.g. the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Commerce, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) help speed up the process of all routine procedures, and will ensure smooth and efficient interactions with these official organizations as well as any other semi-government institutions.

Getting a business visa or a work visit visa could be a bit complicated, however, through our network, we can ensure managers and all expatriate staff receive visas in a timely and hassle-free manner in line with the local regulations as they change. We provide full consulting services in this area for you to be able to get any worker of yours to access Saudi Arabia..

Abbya Corporate Services prepares incoming and outgoing bank checks and cash registers, and provide payroll services, invoicing services, ledger management, receivables/payables/accruals/bank reconciliations, and even complete monthly management accounts.

We can manage your ongoing relationships with your staff. Significant services we provide include: maintaining updated employee personnel files, which includes but not limited to, their contracts, employee Bio-data information, personnel information, and social security update Provide logistical support for employees and families, serviced employee accommodation offerings, employee transportation, and medical insurance.

Abbya Corporate Services provides certified Arabic to English & vice versa translation services. Our translation is done to rigorous high quality standards.

Abbya Corporate Services excels in offering office leasing in Saudi Arabia; we provide fully furnished office spaces in prime locations throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with various sizes to fit your evolving needs step by step including security, maintenance, cleaning service, light construction & fit out work.

In addition to our serviced offices, we can provide manpower and create a unique facility management environment according to your needs, and for various kinds of facilities (offices, stores, warehouse.